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History Stone is a Chinese stone factory that specializes in manufacturing in Countertops & vanity tops of Granite, Quartz, Marble and Cabinets. Our decades of stone factory experience in Commericial Multi-familty complex, Hotels and Pre-fbricated homes.

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History Countertops

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"History Stone were so great, very friendly and professional. They helped us everything, including the color choosing, stone materials, countertop design and drawing. It is a one stop shopping for granite vanity tops & countertops. We really appreciate their hard working. They do a good job. We will work with them again for our next projects."
--Floris Smith, USA

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History Stone also offers a broad line of of high-quality products to serve the needs of any multifamily, hospitality, and commercial project. That's including vanity bases, culture marble, solid surface, engineered stone, shower pan, window sills, threshold, tub surround, marble tile, and granite vanity top. If you are looking for a commercial supplier, we can complete a project on time and on budge. We pride ourselves in offering you competitive rates that beat our competition. Whether you want to wholesale white marble countertops or are looking for a dependable vanity tops factory, we must be your best choice.

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