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Advantages Of Selecting Quartz As The Cabinet Countertops

Last update: Jul 25, 2017

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the environmental performance requirements of decorative materials are becoming more and higher. As green quartz stone decorative stone, it has been more and more used in the decoration now and it has also been a lot of decoration designers. At present, many users use quartz stone material cupboard, cabinet what the advantages compared with the traditional wooden cabinet? Let us from every point of view analysis. Why quartz will replace the wooden cabinet body CIST?

1, Environmental protection: Wooden cabinet is usually through chemical glue and the use of wood, more or less contain harmful ingredients, for example, we often hear such as formaldehyde, and quartz stone cabinet, used in the manufacturing process of quartz sand and resin by high pressure pressing, does not contain any ingredients may cause environmental pollution, quartz the stone has been listed as a national green environmental protection decorative materials.
2, Mildew: Kitchen as one of the most humid areas in the home, wood cabinet are more easy to mildew and bacteria in moist environments Not only affect the appearance, but also for food storage cabinets will be affected, and the quartz stone cabinet, because there is no bacterial growth can cause the ingredients, no mildew possible. Water absorption rate of 0.02% quartz stone do not have to worry about water infiltration or soaking, because quartz stone itself is moisture-proof and waterproof.

3, Fire resistance and high temperature resistance: Needless to say, it should consider the fire and high temperature resistance, wooden cabinet itself is flammable and high temperature physical contact is also very easy to change, do not have wood fire performance. Quartz stone itself has fireproof performance; quartz stone itself can withstand 300 degrees maximum temperature. As the material have certain advantages.

4, Cleaning: For the kitchen fume re clean up is a headache, want to clean up to spend a lot of time. Quartz surface is smooth, no porosity and small cracks in the stains have no place to hide, the use of water can be cleaned quickly, for stubborn stains can use soap water can also be easily completed.

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