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How to Choose Granite Countertops

Last update: Jan 12, 2018

Granite is igneous rock, also called acid crystallization plutonic rocks, is one of the most widely distributed rock, igneous rock that is composed of feldspar, quartz and mica, and it is an hard rock compacting.

Granite is the ideal material for making mesa, because it is both beautiful and durable. Installing granite countertops in the kitchen increases beauty and taste. When choosing and buying granite countertops, color, smoothness, edge and thickness should be considered. Some installation elements must be known before installation.

Here are some of the knowledge and the key to the selection of granite countertops.

granite countertops for kitchen

1. Price comparison.
Many granite installation companies offer free installation. Therefore, to compare prices, the aim is to buy the best quality stone at the lowest price. Check granite samples, engineering, pictures and customer comments.

2. Choose the granite color according to the family style.
Granite is a kind of natural stone, the change of color is very normal. So, you don't have to buy granite countertops that are the same color as the sample.

3. Granite defects can affect the integrity of the structure.
Granite has natural indentation and scratches, but it not only does not affect its beauty, but also increases its natural beauty. If you're worried about granite defects and colors, you can choose granite.

4. Choose the style of the sink.
No matter which tank you choose, granite manufacturers will charge additional fees if they need to be cut. You have to provide a sink template to the manufacturer, so the best tank should be purchased first.

5. Choose the thickness.
Granite countertops are usually 2-3 cm or 3 quarters -1 inch thick. 3cm granite countertops are more expensive, but stronger and more attractive. However, two centimeters of granite countertops usually need plywood support to edge.

6. Confirm edge style.
If you don't like the standard style, you can ask the manufacturer to design it. When you use a cabinet or other furniture, you need to edge the table.

7. Ask the manufacturer if there is no gap in installation.
Granite cracks are common, you can choose seamless installation, but may be higher cost. Some workers have stitched together the granite sinks, but the water's long-term penetration will gradually be destroyed.

Although granite is durable, if you are a heavy blow it will break. In safety, place a bracket on granite countertops, place heavy tableware in cabinets, and do not place bonsai or other things on granite countertops. To protect the granite countertops from staining and other damage, you need to seal it every two years.

With an extensive selection of stunning granite countertops to choose from, History Stone & Countertops can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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