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Italian Calacatta Violet Marble Table Top

Last update: Jul 13, 2019

There are many beautiful marble quarried from Italy. Such as Calacatta gold marble, Arabescato Corchia marble, Carrara white marble etc.

Calacatta Violet Marble as a new arrival which has special surface texture, is widely used by world-wide designers.

Due to the good hardness and beautiful appearance, Calacatta violet marble table become popular in hotel, restaurant, villa, household etc.

“ I enjoy the feelings when take a cup of coffee or have a dinner on the marble table, a relaxed environment is important.” A cafe owner told me, I can’t agree more with him.

Luxury Violet marble table top with stainless steel base make space more elegant.

Our team has more than 16 years in design marble table top.

Including marble dining table for kitchen, marble coffee table for living room, marble side table for bedroom, Bar marble countertop, you can also customized own shape, size, and match differen table base.

Welcome to find www.historycountertop.com to get Violet marble countertop as per your desire.

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