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Natural Stone Volakas Marble

Last update: Jul 31, 2017

Because of the Volakas with pure texture, natural unique texture, its decorative ornaments have a strong culture and historical charm, but she also modern fashion sense of the most incisive, both to reflect the history of ornamental retro, but also Add its romantic fashion feelings. So the world's many well-known buildings used, such as the Beijing hotel lobby wall.

1.  Volakas with good processing, sound insulation and heat insulation, can be deep processing applications, is an excellent architectural decoration material.
2.  Fine texture, high adaptability, hardness, easy to carve, suitable for carving materials and special-shaped timber.
3.  The color of Volakas is very quiet. So it was given too much meaning, from beginning to end the same is pure texture. With texture unique, special landscape lines, Volakas has a good decorative performance. In the texture trend, hidden in the prehistoric civilization of the traces, but its overall shape and can use the "modern fashion" to describe, highlight a Master of the design style, showing the honor, elegance, the top of the product characteristics of the most vividly.

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