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The Advantages of Artificial Stone Countertops

Last update: Feb 22, 2017

Artificial stone countertops is seamless processed at the corners, so it can achieve totally natural.
Artificial stone can be refurbished and repolished, and can be done with the perfect combination of the same stone basin, which looks unified with a perfect texture.
What's more, Artificial stone is not afraid of water and moisture.
Artificial stone is also called the polymer materials with a high practicality and aging resistance.
1) Environmental and non-toxic: the use of artificial stone powder production, that will not produce harmful radiation on the human body. All products are tested by NSF.
2)Stitching seamlessly: a characteristic of seamless splicing make the overall uniform.
3)Easy to care: just using wipes and waterdaily maintenance using wipes and water, no waxing. Any scratches only need to use sandpaper with a little water to wipe that can immediately be done.
4)Heat-resistant and fireproofing: any kitchen utensils will not produce press marks.
5)Anti-corrosive corrosion, due to the vacuum encryption treatment, the water absorption of artificial stone is One over three hundred than natural stone,and will never penetrate any stain.
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