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Three Questions about Natural Stone Marble

Last update: Jul 21, 2017

The natural marble is popular in our daily lives, many people have many questions about marble. We, History Stone, have more than 20 years experience of producing countertops and vanity tops, material includes marble, granite, quartz. Now let our professional workers with 20 years experiences tell you some information about natural stone marble. There are three questions about marble help you solving the question.

1. Will natural marble have an impact on the body?
Natural marble will not harm for the human body, it can be used in any places. Natural marble stone belongs to sedimentary rocks, mainly composed of carbonate minerals. Through the natural marble formation process analysis, it is not directly associated with radioactive substances, and thus the marble does not have radioactive hazard for people. Many home kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops are mostly used marble.
2. Whether the natural marble with the relevant standards, whether through radioactive detection?
The state authority department tests the radioactivity in natural marble. At the same time, the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Quarantine has no radioactive test on natural marble. This year, the National Stone Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, China Stone Association also jointly issued a "warned marble products on the human body without radioactive hazards notice."

3. Which area of home improvement can use the natural marble stone?
In the modern home decoration, natural marble is operating more and more. Natural marble application range is also very wide, that can be used on the ground, walls, countertops, vanity tops, stairs, mosaic and other stone furniture. There are kinds of marble with natural texture, colorful and durable. And other marble plate size is relatively large, according to the use of random cutting requirements, combination, through different colors, different texture to achieve a variety of effects. So the marble is popular in daily lives. In addition, the natural marble raw materials come from our nature, each piece is unique, can’t be copied, it is only after cutting, grinding, splicing into our living space, it does not need high temperature sintering and other complex processes, so that it is low-carbon environmentally friendly materials.

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