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What The Factors Of Granite Countertops Price For Kitchen?(2)

Last update: Oct 31, 2017

From the last article, I think we all impressed with the strength of granite. But you may be still feeling confused about the price of granite countertops. Why is the price of granite countertops difference?
The block from quarry cost is generally at a low cost, why the granite countertops price is so much higher than the block?Let me introduce the production procedure of granite, analyze the cost of each process.Normally, we will use the diamond round circle saw to cut the block into pieces of slabs. Then Knock the pieces down by hand.
After cutting, more problems can be found in small vein or pore, such slabs need to be re-treated like using glue to fix the blemish. If the stone is easy to break, it needs fiber the mesh on the back.Nest, we need to polish the surface of the granite.But different ways may cost different and the result is also different.History stone company polishing the surface & control thickness by auto-machine.Better machines need cost more, we using CNC machine to cut the strip slab to specified size.Most of time,the granite slabs basically completed.sometimes, Using the copy type car edge machine to make the edge’s shape.As some clients need me to cut off sink, we as per template to make sink cutout.


The complexity of the job: The number of seams, corners and the type of edge are the factors that determine the degree of installation difficulty. The fewer of these there are, the less the labor part of the job will cost..For example, U-shaped counters with multiple seams and an edge that’s difficult to cut are the costliest.
Every step will require a certain fee.History stone company try our best to make sure the stone products all have perfect the details, can also meet the needs of Kitchen engineering and marketing at home and abroad.Many America clients pleased of our kitchen countertops.Two -thirds of our new orders are from repeat customers, and some of the customers have come from our regular customer.Glad to see your inquiry!

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