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What the Factors of Granite Countertop Price for Kitchen?

Last update: Oct 26, 2017

People always stuck in two questions when we do some shopping. First, how much we should pay? Next, What about the quality of the goods? Or whether the quality match the price?
History Stone Industrial Co., Ltd located in South China's biggest stone quarry , set up in the year 2002.We specialized in granite, marble, quartz slabs &tiles, countertops & vanity tops, so we know granite Like the palm of our hand.
One of the most durable investments you can make in the bathroom is Granite Bathroom Countertops! There is nothing more sturdy than stone, and the cost of granite counters in the bathroom will add permanent value to a home. Something about granite attracts people, perhaps because of its qualities of strength and agelessness.
Refer to excellent strength and durability of granite, I could share you an interesting story about granite. It is said that the United States and Canada for the investigation the attacks of the Soviet Union, has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to build early warning systems. So a team of person began in 1961 in Cheyenne mountain to build, trying to build a more hidden security command post. To build the command center, the construction crew carried off 700000 metric tons of granite. The command post has been playing an important role in 40 years. After that, 911 terrorist attacks broke out, It has been suggested that George W. Bush first entered the Cheyenne Mountain command center. So It follows that granite quality speaks for itself.
When homeowners are considering granite countertops for their kitchen or bathroom, the price is always something to take into account. This beautiful material is not cheap, top quality makes the price higher. But not all granite countertops cost the same and as a buyer, you should understand what differences exist, to help you make a better buying decision.

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