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White Magnolia Marble

Last update: Jul 27, 2017

Each piece of marble texture is different, the texture is clearly curved, smooth and delicate, bright and fresh, like to bring you again and again the visual feast, installed in the room life, can set off the room more elegant and generous. History Stone, with 20 years of experience, has more professional knowledge in marble. Our worker can give you special- purpose advice. We hope to not only earn your business, but your trust. 

White Magnolia Marble is the finest stone, which is characterized by high reflectivity, to 80% or more, color uniform, no stone root. White Magnolia Marble is mainly used for building decoration grade demanding buildings, for example: Interior materials such as kitchen countertops, worktops, bathroom vanity tops, island tops, bar tops, wall, floor, stair, customized countertops and so on.
The style of White Magnolia marble: beige gives the feeling of simple yet noble, as beautiful as magnolia flowers cents, out of the mud and not filthy, high gloss so that you look like Alice fairyland, bring you a broad space.

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