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Cultured Marble Excellent Option For Your Shower Wall

Last update: Aug 22, 2018

Cultured Marble is a good replacement for ceramic tile. Ceramic tile has many separate pieces. Joined with grout that can be porous and difficult to be cleaned. But Cultured Marble can be easily cleaned with a mild soapy solution If meet a slight scratches that can be removed through mildly abrasive pads. In the same way the plates surface can be polished.

cultured marble tub surrounds

cultured marble for bathroom wall

cultured marble

What is cultured marble?

Cultured Marble is a cast polymer; a blend of polyester resin, catalyst and fillers; put into open molds, which are coated with a clear or pigmented gel coat. The gel coat forms the surface of the products.

What are the advantages of Cultured Marble?

It is formulated to be tough durable; and non-porous. It is stain resistant and easy to clean.

Because of Cultured Marble a natural look at an attractive price, they are molded in large sheets and have a minimum number of seams, reduce the possibility of leakage, and mold and mildew residue problems. Become the chief decorative material used in the tub and shower surround and walls.

cultured marble shower wall

white cultured marble for bathroom decoration

hotel bathroom tub surround with cultured marble

Historycoutertops tub and shower surrounds are available in cultured marble as a three/four piece panel system and standard sizes each piece come in 30”x60”, 30”x72”, 30”x80”, 30’x96” etc.

As below the drawing of tub surronds popular design for your preview, if some items meet you interest, please contact us freely.

96'' max height / 8mm thickness
30''~36'' side wall (2 pieces) / Gloss or matt finish
48''~60'' back wall (1 piece) / Various colors are available

cultured marble shower wall drawing pic1

cultured marble shower wall drawing pic2
cultured marble shower wall drawing pic3

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