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Hampton Hotel Vanity Tops Project 162 Units Case

Last update: Jun 07, 2018

Vanity tops are one of our specialities. We have 16 years of experience in manufacturing vanity tops. From standard sizes to custom layouts, we provide the size, shape and material to fit your needs and budget. Here our Hampton Hotel Project Case share with you.

Hampton Hotel Project Drawings

quartz vanity tops for Hampton projects

white quartz countertops from Historycountertops

Stellar Snow quartz for Hampton projects

Vanity top: 2cm, Quartz stone: Stellar Snow White
Vanity edge: Easy polished edge with bevel
Polished: Features like mirror sheen and provides the best protection against scratches.
Vanity size: 60” x 20”
Vanity splash: 9.75”

White always create a powerful statement of "clean" to the guest. The lights in the room are reflected onto the white counter thus intensifying the brightness of the space.

pure white quartz vanity tops for bathroom

pure white granite vanity tops

white bathroom quartz vanity tops

History stone has been a strategic vanity top and kitchen countertop supplier to the hospitality industry for 16 years. We have worked on global projects with the famous brand: Best Western, Marriott, Hilton etc.

But Why History Stone?

1: Vanity Tops factory wholesale price directly to help stay with your budget.
2: Vanity Tops + Vanity Bases + Ceramic Sink + Accessories, we offer “one stop shop” to reduce the purchase time and save your costs.
3: CAD drawings must be confirmed by you before producing, maximize the accuracy of the product.

Vanity Tops Material
granite vanity tops colors from Historycountertops

quartz vanity tops colors from Historycountertops

Vanity Top Style
vanity tops styles from Historycountertops

Ceramic Sink
Ceramic Sinks from Historycountertops

Ceramic Sinks

We focus on support every customer with perfect natural stone & quartz counter tops, contact us, let us History Stone service your next projects.

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