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Quartz VS Marble

Last update: Mar 24, 2018

The kitchen countertops material is varied, the most popular is quartz countertops and marble countertops.

So what’s kind of material is good?

The Natural Marble Coutertops

First of all,  marble is a kind of natural stone. It has natural rich grain pattern and colors. Marble is a classic beauty that adds elegance and a timeless look to any kitchen & bathroom. Unique feature such as marble countertops, may increase your home’s value. In other words, the additional expense might be worth it for you. Secondly, the natural marble is also very easy to cut and carve, generally can have longer service life.

But Natural stone materials have pores, easy to accumulate oil, difficult to clean up. And Natural stone material is short, two pieces of stitching together also cannot be integrated, the gap is easy to breed bacterium. Therefore, lots of marble countertop apply to bathroom.

Marble Countertops for Kitchen

Besides the marble, it is also very common to use artificial stone to make the kitchen countertops. First, because it is artificial stone, the craftsmanship of quartz is advanced.

Quartz abandoned the natural stone some disadvantages, such as High hardness and high temperature resistance to acid and alkali resistance. In general, natural stones are inevitably accompanied by some radiation, and artificial stones can be completely relieved of this concern, and the design of artificial stone is more abundant.

The price difference: Many people think quartz is a less expensive option. Not the case. Normally quartz is less than the marble. However, some special quartz with marble look pattern, the price is more.

Quartz Countertops for Kitchen

There is no answer to the question of which kitchen countertops is good for marble and stone.

Whatever your choice, History Stone & Countertops would provide best quality of kitchen & bathroom countertops for you. If you still have problem to make your decision, please feel free contact us. We have a professional team that would give you a scientific analysis.

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