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Meet To Team

History Countertops believe in total customer satisfaction. Our Staff are highly trained to provide professional and courteous customer service and a desire to share our love of History Stone. We'll assist you every step of the way in adding your projects to be sucess. History Stone will assist and care in supplying countertops and vanity tops for hospitality & commercial projects. It will be add value to your projects with natural surface stone granite, polished marble and engineered quartz.

  • Owner
    Bavon Lian
    Knowing something of everything and everything of something. As owner of History Stone, Bavon has full knowledge of countertop and stone material. Also he is a nice man to work with, that he loves families, and personals than himself.

  • Production Manager
    Janson Lee
    Nothing will be out of control. Working as production manager, Janson Lee has been part of History Stone for 18 years. He keeps his eyes on the whole production to take them into control, and makes order arrangements in advance.

  • QA Supervisor
    Derrick Wang
    I protect eyes carefully to keep each item perfect known by his preciseness, Derrick Wang has been working for History Stone for 14 years. Customers coming for products checking all admire and trust his profession after the inspection.

  • Sales Executive
    Jessie Wu
    "Provide service beyond customers expectation. This is the only thing I should do." Jessie Wu is a valued member of History Stone family. Being outgoing and thoughtful lady, she has been sales executive for 13 years. She often goes out with her families and shares the beautiful she takes. And she enjoys reading books. That’s why she can understand customers easier and more quickly.