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Shipping Info

 Always there are two things that you concern if we cooperate. Of course, the first thing is quality. Then the other thing is shipping. For this matter, you need to take expense and time schedule into consideration. Maybe you have own forwarder. It’s ok. But how about looking here? We recommend a long-time shipping partner to you. Not only can they offer competitive price, but also they can handle the customs clearance. Besides, they can arrange transportation to anywhere in USA. And shipping to your jobsite or somewhere you specified is also no problem. Here listed some frequently-needed information as below. 

Loading Port Desitination  Shipping Cost
Weight Limit
Xiamen,China Los Angeles,CA US$670.00 27
Xiamen,China Long Beach,CA US$670.00 27
Xiamen,China Oakland,CA US$670.00 27
Xiamen,China Miami,FL US$1,500.00 27
Xiamen,China New York,NY US$1,500.00 27
Xiamen,China Boston,MA US$1,570.00 27
Xiamen,China Dallas ,TX US$2,500.00 21.5
Xiamen,China Houston,TX  US$1,500.00 27
Xiamen,China Austin,TX  US$4,100.00 17
Xiamen,China Savannah US$1,450.00 27
Xiamen,China Seattle,WA US$700.00 27
Xiamen,China Montreal ,Quebec US$2,000.00 21.5
Xiamen,China Toronto,ONT  US$2,000.00 21.5
Xiamen,China Vancouver  US$750.00 21.5

The aforesaid are just only for reference, all are confirmed before shipping!